March 2017 concert

Chairman’s Newsletter, Autumn 2017

The new 2017-2018 season got off to a passionate start at our October orchestral concert with a full spectrum of emotions expressed in music ranging from the joy of birth, to longing verging on melancholy, to the jubilation of Scottish dancing and folk tunes. The full concert write up can be found under ‘Latest Reviews’ in the ‘Events’ section of the website and will give you a good flavour of what was a fabulous evening.
We are currently busy rehearsing for our December concert which will bring a delightful mixture of pieces culminating with Troika, the sleigh ride from Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kije, and then the premier of the fully orchestrated version of the Clive Osgood’s Carol, ‘Alleluia! A New Work Is Come’. We are really fortunate to have such a talented composer in our midst and it is an honour to be able to perform Clive’s Carol which was one of the six finalists in the BBC Radio 3 Carol Competition 2016. 
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No sooner than we have finished one concert we start rehearing for the next. It certainly keeps our orchestral and choir librarians on their toes – the December concert requires them to manage 470 separate pieces of music alone. All have to be collected back in, sorted into their sets, checked, and sent back to their respective libraries and hire companies. And then the parts for the March concert get handed out just one day later. We do enjoy our final rehearsal of the autumn term when we stop our serious playing at half-time, enjoy a coffee and mince pie or two, and then the orchestra put away their instruments and join the choir for some lusty Carolling.
As we make our New Year’s Resolutions and add a few more intentions about doing extra scales and arpeggios practice we turn our focus to our March concert and one of our favourites – Faure’s Requiem. For those Classic FM listeners you may also be familiar with Chausson’s Symphony in B flat, said to be his defining work. En route to the March concert we will holding our ‘Come and Sing’ which will be Vivaldi’s Gloria on 3rd February. You can find out more about this in the ‘Join Us’ section of the website.
We round off the Season with the much loved Karelia Suite, our very own Helen Owlett performing the Baermann Concertstück for clarinet, and finish with scenes from Wagner’s Der Meistersingers on 5th May. As always we extend a warm welcome to any singers or orchestral players who would like to join our open Summer Sessions and you can find the details for these under ‘Join Us’.
We look forward to seeing you singing, playing or listening this season and, as always, thank you for you on-going support.
Marion Thomas
HMS Chairman

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Rehearsals are in Haslemere Hall on Mondays at 7.30pm till about 10pm for both choir and orchestra. We have a tea/coffee break about half way through. There is normally a rehearsal during the afternoon before each concert. Occasionally the choir rehearses in the Methodist church in Weyhill when Haslemere Hall is not available. The orchestra also sometimes rehearses in St Christopher’s Church in Weyhill.

Next Concert:
O Clap Your Hands
Cantique de Jean Racine
Messe de Minuit

18 Sept  Clap Your Hands – all way through
               Cantique, first section
               Messe: Recap first Kyrie, Christe and Agnus Dei

25 Sept Cantique, middle (from ‘Repand’) and final sections
              Revise O Clap Your Hands
              Messe: Second Kyrie (from fig. 12)

2 Oct  Messe: Gloria up to fig. 30
           Revise O Clap Your Hands

9 Oct Messe: Gloria from fig.33 to end of Gloria; Revise Kyrie, Christe, Agnus and Gloria
          Alleluia: first half

16 Oct Alleluia: second half (AGM)

23 Oct Messe: Credo up to fig. 62
30 Oct Messe: Credo up to end of Credo
6 Nov  Messe: Sanctus
13 Nov Revision and orchestra rehearsals
20 Nov TBC
27 Nov TBC

2 December Concert

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